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Does investing in a hair transplant make a lot of sense?

Understanding One’s Self-Perception Of Hair Transplant Procedures Every day I hear the term “fake news” on some media channel or in conversation. The media has affected how people perceive themselves, both men and women. However, our own self-perception and life goals are what inspires the decision to pull the trigger. The reasons behind a man’s…

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Why get a hair transplant with a robot?

First let’s clear up a little confusion. The robot that performs the hair transplant does not look like the photo. The vision of approximately 75% of patients believe the robot to have a human form. In actuality all the brains, algorithms and intelligence is parked in this device. The 1990’s began artificial intelligence and the…

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Learn More About ARTAS, the Best Hair Loss Transplant Procedure

If you’re one of the millions of men who experience some degree of hair loss, you’re, of course, not alone. It can be embarrassing looking in the mirror and feeling like you don’t recognize your own reflection, while wondering at the same time how you can change it without having to undergo invasive surgery. Bring…

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Hair loss and Ageing Advice

The thinning of the hair is a foreseeable part of the aging process, and we are often asked how best to stop hair loss. There are a few things that can be done to slow down hair loss– at least a little.   Your hair like your body will benefit from eating right.  According to. K.…

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Myths About Hair Transplant Procedures in Oklahoma

There’s a lot of misinformation when it comes to hair transplant procedures. Hair transplants are not for everyone, but those who suffer from hair loss should at least be properly informed so they can take the optimal course of action for them. 1. The procedure and recovery are painful Like most myths, this myth is…

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