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Get ready to love what you see in the mirror again. Revive chose the ARTAS® Robotic Technology over any other option because it’s simply the best. We acknowledge that we are only humans and our patients deserve to get hair without a linear scar, human error or the discomfort associated with other Hair Restoration procedures in Oklahoma City. Dr. Webster’s process is patient driven. We restore your youthful appearance. ARTAS® Robotic Technology is simple, safe and affordable.



We value our patients and their time. Fill out our online consultation and pick the method of communication that works best for you. Text us pictures of your hair, video-chat with our doctor, and/or schedule your complimentary in-office consultation.

Filling out an online consultation.


With our convenient outpatient Robotic Hair Restoration procedure, you’ll be back to your regular routine in a just few short days. We will answer all of your questions. During your consultation with Dr. Webster, you will work together to choose the best options for you based on your needs, condition and goals.



Revive exclusively performs all of our hair restoration cases with the state-of-the-art ARTAS® Robotic System. Our hair restoration techniques provide permanent, natural hair loss solutions in Oklahoma City. Not only will you look and feel younger but you will also be more confident.

Former Clients' Remarks:

I wish I did this sooner”

“Hair made such an impact, I am thrilled and I got more than just hair such as confidence that I had no idea I was lacking.”

Enjoying a new hair look.

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