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ARTAS Imaging Technology extracting only the necessary individual hair follicular units.Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): In FUE individual follicular units are extracted directly from the patient's donor area one at a time.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT): FUT is when a strip of tissue is cut from the back of the scalp in the donor region and then scalp is sewn back together.

Not All FUE Hair Restoration Procedures Are Alike

Patients should know that not all FUE procedures are created equal. Both ARTAS and Neograft are FUE techniques, however, where ARTAS has robotic precision. Neograft depends on manual extractions. The only benefit of Neograft has over traditional manual FUE is the speed of the procedure. Common downfalls of manual techniques such as Neograft are operator fatigue and high risk of transection (damage to the follicles.)

At Revive we ONLY use the state of the art minimally invasive ARTAS® Robotic system to perform FUE hair restoration procedures. The comparison below is what sets us apart from the outdated method of transplantation. Some of the benefits of FUE are:

Chart comparing the ARTAS Procedure vs. Strip Surgery.

“I had an awful strip surgery when I was younger. Comparing the ARTAS procedure to strip surgery is like comparing day and night; my experience was so much better and far more comfortable. I didn’t have to deal with any pain.”

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